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:flame: We do not accept private/invite-only Groups. Such Groups usually already have their members sorted out for themselves. RP-Archives is only for people to look for Groups where there's no need for them to have to be invited personally, whether by admins or the current members.

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:flame: All affiliation requests will be automatically accepted but will not be added to the list. Please do not attach your submission details to the affiliation request.

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:flame: Please use one of our seven genres, do not make up your own.
Also know that Fan group > Academy > Any other genre.

:flame: If a group is a fangroup, please include what it is based off in the about.

:flame: When filling in rp system, private means of rping do not need to be listed as they are a given and left to the users discretion. (ie two people may rp via notes, this is private. A group of people would use the chatroom)

:flame: Keep your About section concise and short. We don't need to hear what you've got planned for your group or what's so great about it. Just tell us what is it about.

:flame: If you are updating your group, please include the genre it is under. We don't always have time (or smooth internet) to look for your group. The secret phrase is "rice is healthy".


:flame::flame: We outright reject any submission that does not follow the rules and hide the comment on the page. Resend your submission by making a new comment or sending a note.

List of Genres
:bulletblue: FANTASY :bulletblue:
:bulletorange: MODERN DAY :bulletorange:
:bulletblack: SCI FI :bulletblack:
:bulletgreen: SUPERNATURAL :bulletgreen:
:bulletpurple: ACADEMY :bulletpurple:
:bulletpink: FAN GROUP :bulletpink:
:bulletyellow: OTHER :bulletyellow:
All link to their respective blogs.


If you want to change your Group's genre, just send a note with the subject Genre Change and the following:

Change Genre To:

Note: We do not update the blogs when enrollments and opening dates pass. You need to help us out by telling us something has changed, because there are way too many Groups to check up on.


We also accept group status changes and alerts on groups on the list that have closed down and/or deleted.

Group Info

Having trouble finding active role play groups to call home, or giving your RP group a shoutout? You've come to the right place! RP-Archives is the biggest roleplay group directory on dA that doesn't focus on just one type of RP and allows you to advertise your own Group!

If you're looking to add your Group, read the Submission Rules carefully before posting/noting!

If you're looking for a Group, browse at your own pace through the Genre blogs, and maybe you'll find the roleplay you're looking for.
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Dec 23, 2010


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232 Members
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We remove affiliations with Closed and Completed groups to keep this list up to date. If you know of a group that has closed down or had its storyline completed and is no longer continuing, please notify the admins.

Note: Groups on Hiatus are not counted.
:bulletred::bulletred:Please check these blogs to see if your Group is already on them before submitting!:bulletred::bulletred:
:bulletorange: Fantasy | Modern Day | Sci Fi | Supernatural | Academy | Fan Group | Other :bulletorange:



Modern Day

Sci Fi





Fan Group




Updated Groups

:iconseafighters-alliance: is now open for app checks and will have its opening soon.
:iconthe-vampior-academy: is open.
:iconcirque-des-reves: is open for apps, especially needing more people to apply for Black Faction.
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LonelyJuliet Featured By Owner 57 minutes ago  Student General Artist
:iconstellar-edge: is looking for two admin positions up until September 1st.
chaoticpeace1 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
:iconn-a-gateway: will be opening august 29th for at least two weeks probably more. 

rice is healthy~<3
mukuro-sama Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
:iconzodiaccorona: is now closed and will open again on September 8th!
RegiWhite Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Quick update! 


We are no longer in construction and always accept join requests.
Thanks! :-)
mathon42 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
I'm looking for a bondage rp group. Can someone help me ? :)
(1 Reply)
yayamiho-chan Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

Enrollments: Closed
Under construction: Yes
Looking for Admins: Yes. 3.
Requires Partner: No
Media: Writing, Drawing and Rp
RP System: DA Notes, Google Doc, Skype, Chatroom and etc
War begun in Arstakkia. Fleures and Darcias fight one another for centuries, but only either Fleures survive or become source of food for Darcias, who might become even more powerful. Who will win this bloody battle?
Aerysette Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Genre: Fan Group
Enrollments: Closed: Enrollments expected to open Oct 5th 2014.
Under construction: Yes; all necessary information for applying is currently available though.
Looking for Admins: No 
Requires Partner: No
Media: Writing/Lit; If you can draw and write, even better! 
RP System: DA Notes, Specified Groups (currently closed until after enrollments), Skype, etc.  
About: Celestial Lake is about a Rune Factory/ Harvest Moon themed world ("Divinia") in which you are teleported after several sleepless nights due to the Goddess sending you visions. You come to Divinia as a basic human and through RP/Events you will find work, customize your character, and explore various lands/dungeons!
(1 Reply)
SoraRoxas-15 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Genre: Academy
Enrollments: Open
Under Construction: No
Looking for Admins: No
Requires Partner: No
Media: Roleplay Writings, and Drawings
RP System: Notes, DaChat, and Comments
About: Freshly dead ghosts learning on how to become ghosts (floating, phasing through walls, and glowing) and try to reclaim their lost memory of how they died. 
(1 Reply)
mahura97 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Update ! >.<

:iconthe-vampior-academy: Is open.
(1 Reply)
Konarika Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Genre: Fangroup
Enrollments: Open
Under Construction: Yes
Looking for Admins: No
Requires Partner: No
Media: Roleplaying and Drawing
RP System: Comments, Notes
About: The AncientForests-RP is about HazeClan and IvyClan, two Warrior Cats-clans with special codes and laws. This roleplaygame is based on the Warriors-series by Erin Hunter.
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